Vintageport not found in Sweden

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Vintageport not found in Sweden

Post by Sten » 12:14 Thu 04 Feb 2016

Our Port Club The Wine Society 18% in Malmö have had its first tasting this year and we enjoyed vintage port never sold in Sweden. They are perhaps found in Great Britain. It was Vasconcellos 1965, 1989, 2000, 2003,Maria 1987 and Feist's Quinta Sant'Ana which I did not knew it existed. Also Feist Colheita 1966 and a Tawny from Feuerheerd which was served to King George Vi visit in Paris, French July 19, 1938 and offered by the French President.
If you are interested see
You can also see what we had enjoyed during Christmas and New Year in the family such as Silva-Cosens 1915 and Starling 1887, Kopke 1935

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Re: Vintageport not found in Sweden

Post by AHB » 16:25 Mon 08 Feb 2016

Your mention of Starling brought back a memory. I vaguely remember talking to Tom about Starling port - I think this might have been an old British wine merchant. We might have seen the bottle you drank when it came up for auction a few years ago, but I don't know whether you bought it direct or via a middle man.

The other ports you mention are rarely seen in the UK. I've only ever tasted the Vasconcellos 40 YO tawny (which was quite good). Feist and Feuerheerd are both seen, but not often.
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Re: Vintageport not found in Sweden

Post by LGTrotter » 17:52 Mon 08 Feb 2016

I had a few Feist 1982 once. I was not impressed, but I think they were well travelled so they might not have been representative.

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