Quinta Sant'Ana

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Quinta Sant'Ana

Post by Sten » 14:28 Wed 16 Mar 2016

Do you know if Quinta de Sant’Ana vintage belong to Feist who has bottled it or belong to someone else. Do more than 1982 exist from this quinta?

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Re: Quinta Sant'Ana

Post by LGTrotter » 17:26 Sun 20 Mar 2016

The only references I can find to this are of a table wine producer. I have had an 82 Feist which did not mention Quinta Sant'Ana on the label (actually it was a stencilled bottle with no back label). Apologies that this does not advance you search much.

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Re: Quinta Sant'Ana

Post by djewesbury » 14:34 Mon 21 Mar 2016

Am I way off in believing that this belonged to Kopke / Sogevinus at some point?
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Re: Quinta Sant'Ana

Post by JB vintage » 22:19 Tue 22 Mar 2016

Here are picures of the Sant'Ana in question:
20160117_144609.jpg (61.66 KiB) Viewed 2663 times
20160117_145422.jpg (50.5 KiB) Viewed 2663 times
And here you can find some more notes on the tasting http://www.vintageport.se/blog/?p=291

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