The Big Fortified Tasting

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The Big Fortified Tasting

Post by AHB » 18:19 Sun 18 Mar 2018


As many of you are aware, I've taken over the organisation of the Big Fortified Tasting with the first show organised by me taking place on 9th May.

I've had some fairly strong feedback from past exhibitors that in recent years there were not enough real customers attending, and too many who were WSET students, bloggers and general "hangers-on". Producers and their agents want to meet and talk with wine buyers, wine sales managers, restaurateurs, sommeliers and similar people with a small number of recognised opinion leaders also attending.

As a result, I have had to clamp down on attendance quite strongly. The guidance I have been given is that fewer visitors who better meet the producers' target audience would be preferred.

Sadly this means that people from TPF, for example, will not qualify as bona fide full time members of the wine trade and will not be eligible to attend the b.f.t.

However, if you are invited by a producer or a member of the wine trade because you are a good customer or if you run your own wine company or pub or restaurant you would, of course, be very welcome to attend the show.

If this doesn't apply to you, I won't be able to register you.

And now a call for volunteers. If anyone from TPF would be able to spend half a day (whether morning or afternoon would have to be at my discretion!) helping on reception, master class organisation, general support, covering for producers when they needed a break etc. please let me know. The good news is that if you are a volunteer, you'll be given a b.f.t. staff lanyard and will not need to register as a visitor to be at Church House for the day (but will need to turn up for the whole day - you can't just attend for the half of the day you're not working!)

If anyone would like to volunteer then please let me know my email or PM. I have a limited number of slots though.

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