Today is Portwine Day!

Anything to do with Port.
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Axel P
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Today is Portwine Day!

Post by Axel P » 08:36 Thu 10 Sep 2020

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Since many years 10 September is celebrated in Portugal and abroad with a (very nice) glass of Port – or two. Please join me in opening a decent bottle of Port and toast this to the many generations of people who made Port possible and so enjoyable – winemakers, famers, producers, bottlers, sailors, builders, coopers, viticulturists and many other professions over the centuries.

To support your favorite brand, do not forget to order another case of Port today for the next generation(s) to come and to supPORT the Port producers in these difficult times.

To Vinho do Porto and the 264 years of the Douro Demarcation – Saude!

With many great tastings....
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... and great events:
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Re: Today is Portwine Day!

Post by AHB » 09:51 Thu 10 Sep 2020

Happy Port Wine day everyone!
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Glenn E.
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Re: Today is Portwine Day!

Post by Glenn E. » 17:50 Thu 10 Sep 2020


I thought International Port Wine Day was January 27?

Edit: ah, I see, Port Wine Day is a Portuguese thing organized by the IVDP, while International Port Wine Day is a worldwide thing.
Glenn Elliott

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Re: Today is Portwine Day!

Post by nac » 18:02 Thu 10 Sep 2020

Shall celebrate this event by opening bottles of 83 Warre and Taylor tonight.

[Just to clarify, meeting up with a couple of friends - ie, not drinking two bottles by myself.]

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