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Posted: 23:56 Mon 11 Jan 2016
by djewesbury
Any recommendations for good port in Brussels? I'm there from tomorrow and staying in a hotel where Alex's famous forebear used to live.

Re: Brussels?

Posted: 23:57 Mon 11 Jan 2016
by DRT
No. You've gone to the wrong country to drink Port.

Re: Brussels?

Posted: 01:07 Tue 12 Jan 2016
by LGTrotter
But the Belgians have a great reputation for burgundy.

Re: Brussels?

Posted: 17:04 Tue 12 Jan 2016
by AHB
When I last lived in Brussels my local GB supermarket (in Tervuren) stocked Quarles Harris 1997 VP, Yquem 1989 and various classed growth clarets such as Pontet Canet, Brane Cantenac and Talbot. They probably also sold that cooking wine which Owen mentioned. By the jug probably.

You are not going to a port desert.