Trip to Jerez?

Post your experiences of travel, especially for the Douro region. Make recommendations for places to stay and visit or ask advice from those that have already been there.
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Trip to Jerez?

Post by uncle tom » 15:06 Tue 08 Jun 2010

My knowledge of Sherry is rudimentary, at best; and I have never visited Jerez.

However, I do get the impression that Britain is at the receiving end of the rubbish end of the market; much as France is for Port.

Many of us have had pleasant encounters with old aged white ports; but they also horribly scarce. I therefore wonder what aged treats may lie in Spanish cellars - surely they don't put everything into soleras - or do they..??

Don't ask me to organise a trip, as I wouldn't know where to start; but I'm game for a little adventure, if others are..

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Re: Trip to Jerez?

Post by Deleted_User_1 » 07:21 Tue 15 Jun 2010

Have vehicle...will travel Tom :lol:

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Re: Trip to Jerez?

Post by angeleyes » 22:02 Thu 01 Jul 2010

I like sherry (mainly the dry varieties), but it's a bit of a mixed bag. You could say sherry is to port as British Leyland is to Rolls Royce. Perhaps a terrible analogy; but with sherry, it's inexpensive but functional (Morris Maxi), sometimes unreliable (Austin Princess), unusual but occasionally characterful and brilliant (Mini); port is reliable, a pleasure to drink (Silver Shadow), frequently superb (Corniche), and more desirable with age (Phantom 6).

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