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1955 Cockburn

Posted: 14:41 Sun 28 Jun 2015
by AHB
There were four unknown bottles of port in the cellar of the Alderley Edge Hotel. Two of these were empty, the corks having failed; one was 75% ullaged; and the final bottle was base of neck fill, although looking rather pale. The bottle was sealed with dark red wax. Obviously this was the bottle which was chosen for the night's consumption. On opening this bottle was identified from the clearly branded cork, which read "Cockburn 1955". UK bottled, but no hints as to who the bottler might have been.

Reddish amber in colour with a pale ochre rim; 20% opaque. A fabulous nose of cinnamon, wood ash and aniseed balls - sweet and fruity but with a twist of juniper astringency that adds a real interest. A lovely texture on the palate. A self-assured delivery of flavours that slowly builds up to deliver a huge palate. Bitter but balanced with sweet cranberry and bitter juniper. The acidity is substantial and gives a great lift to the port. Lovely and mouthfilling. A big aftertaste, surprisingly salty but very fragrant. Slightly dry on the finish with the bitter wood-ash ; great length with the juniper lasting several minutes. A lovely bottle of port that beautifully combines power with finesse. 94/100. Drunk 24-Jun-15. Decanted ½ hour.