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1994 Kopke

Posted: 19:04 Wed 22 Jul 2015
by jdaw1
Daniel declared that there would be an ‘Emergency’ tasting at the Boot & Flogger on Tuesday 21st July 2015. We obeyed.


Re: 1994 Kopke

Posted: 22:36 Wed 22 Jul 2015
by jdaw1
K94, aka †, brought by CPR, decanted 23:00 the previous day and kept in fridge overnight. Dark centre, orange rim. Opacity not noted. Nose slightly acidic. Palate more so, with dark plum fruit.

Re: 1994 Kopke

Posted: 19:02 Fri 24 Jul 2015
by djewesbury
Mid brown-red. Very nice, I wrote; soft though. Dryness lingers; I thought it could have been a lesser Dow. I didn't expect this dryness from a Kopke.

Re: 1994 Kopke

Posted: 08:05 Fri 07 Aug 2015
by AHB
Deep red with an opaque centre, in early maturity. Stewed fruit nose, lots of fruit but also with lots of Douro bake and a touch of menthol. Neutral, hollow entry although generous strawberry fruit comes through on the mid-palate. On the late palate there is an interesting rocket-leaf spiciness that is rather lively! The texture of the aftertaste is a little light and watery but the finish is full and rich, of spiced redcurrant. Served blind this was guessed to be Graham Crusted 1998 because of the stewed fruit characteristics. 87/100.