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1977 Fonseca

Posted: 21:04 Thu 14 Jan 2016
by AHB
The first of two bottles of this port drunk at the East India Club on 13 January 2016; tasting note to follow.

Re: 1977 Fonseca

Posted: 20:20 Sat 16 Jan 2016
by AHB
The first of two bottles bought from the dining room of the East India Club, who had cellared them since being shipped to the UK, to accompany dinner. Candlelight made the colour difficult to determine but it appeared to be a mature red with brick overtones; 40% opaque. Gentle spiced fruits on the nose - lots of mace and curry leaf. Poised and elegant on entry with great fruit that grows wonderfully on the palate. Sweet, fruity and balanced with gentle tannins still showing on the palate. Long, powerful and multiphased finish. This is delicious and wonderful, like drinking a rainbow. Great port. 95/100. Drunk 13-Jan-16. Decanted 1 hour.

Re: 1977 Fonseca

Posted: 12:36 Fri 25 Mar 2016
by jdaw1
F77. Rich red-brown, 50% opaque. Pepper—lots. Slight heat. Long and full. Very long, and very delicious. Mature. Did I say extremely long?

So good that we had another.