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1983 Croft LBV

Posted: 22:23 Mon 31 Dec 2007
by AHB
Filtered style of LBV. Bottled in 1988. Sealed with a T stopper. Virtually no sediment in the bottle when decanted.

After 1 hour
Browning rim, deeply coloured centre. Lovely nose of golden syrup and raspberries. Golden syrup comes through in the first flavours, then dates and dried figs. Very elegant mid-palate with plenty of complexity ending with burnt sugar and cornflakes. Aftertaste takes a while to build up but is dominated by espresso and pomegranate. Never a great aftertaste, but extremely pleasant. 90/100.

After 2 hours
The aftertaste has really built up and is exquisite now, although doesn't last as long as would be desired. Absolutely delicious and would have been worthy of being made into a vintage port. 91/100 from the improved taste.

A great way to celebrate the New Year with a port that celebrates its 20th anniversary of bottling this coming year.