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1965 Krohn

Posted: 10:29 Wed 06 Apr 2016
by jdaw1
Within the regulation week of DRT’s 51st birthday, we (DRT, JDAW, IDJ, AHB, THRA, SCD, CPR, ARM, and TC) brought “a bottle of VP, blind or sighted” to the Boot and Flogger.


Re: 1965 Krohn

Posted: 22:13 Tue 24 May 2016
by AHB
In appearance this was a deep burnished red, slightly cloudy. Rather rough on the nose, smelling strongly of wood polish. Sweet and dense in texture on the palate with plenty of sweet fruit. The palate becomes rather coarse and hot with a hot and peppery aftertaste. Disappontingly coarse. Served blind, this was revealed to be Krohn 1965 vintage port. 83/100.