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1963 Dow

Posted: 23:33 Mon 18 Apr 2016
by jdaw1
On Thursday 21st April 2016, the night before The Big Fortified Tasting, at the Boot & Flogger, we met for a double-vertical, Dow versus Graham.


Re: 1963 Dow

Posted: 12:42 Wed 27 Apr 2016
by flash_uk
25% opacity, red-amber, copper rim. Quite short on the palate with a slight burnt citrus edge which lingers long on the aftertaste. Easily wins over a flawed G63, but not a stellar bottle of D63.

Re: 1963 Dow

Posted: 22:23 Tue 24 May 2016
by AHB
Mature red, 30% opaque. Little on the nose other than some steel wool minerality. This delivers a lovely balance on entry but is lightly flavoured with the minerality dominating over the fruit at first. Patience and air delivers the fruit - and there is a lot of it! Smooth on the aftertaste, with a gentle but delicious finish. A lovely wine that was much more enjoyable than the nose anticipated. 91/100.

Re: 1963 Dow

Posted: 12:41 Mon 12 Aug 2019
by jdaw1
D63. Bright red, 40% opaque. Palate of red cherry, but otherwise very very dry.