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2015 Niepoort Bioma

Posted: 22:37 Sat 28 May 2016
by AHB
SC/A cask sample. Bright purple rim, staining the glass when swirled. Pronounced nose, full of fruit. Fresh and vibrant palate, full of fruit salad chews. Lots of ripe tannins on the sweet licorice finish. This was the third picking. 86/100. 22-Apr-16.

Tonel matured cask sample. Huge nose, floral and with blackcurrant lozenges. Smooth and round entry with plenty of sweet fruit; the tannins are soft and there are plenty of floral tones. A touch candied perhaps, giving a slight flabbiness to the sweet finish. This was the first picking. 84/100. 22-Apr-16.

A 50:50 blend of the SC/A and Tonel matured lotes. Floral spirit on the nose. Light and spritely entry with fresh ripe fruit. Powerful tannins arrive on the mid-palate and are accompanied by some lovely floral elements. Sweet fruit dominates the finish with lots of toasted tannins wrapped in fragrant blackcurrant. What an illustration of the blender's art. 90/100. 22-Apr-16.