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1963 Fonseca

Posted: 12:13 Mon 13 Jun 2016
by jdaw1
At Bonham’s on 18 February 2016 was sold most of a pipe of Fonseca 1963, not moved since original purchase (lots 324 to 343).

So, on Wednesday 15th June 2016, we gathered in the Boot & Flogger to compare six of these, which were joined by a selection of other English-bottled Vintage Ports.


Re: 1963 Fonseca

Posted: 12:30 Mon 13 Jun 2016
by jdaw1
This Fonseca 1963 is δ = delta.

Re: 1963 Fonseca

Posted: 17:11 Mon 20 Jun 2016
by flash_uk
30% opacity, mature red. Sweet nose, strawberries. Very smooth, gentle heat, lovely syrupy finish, mature fruits. Lip-licking!

Re: 1963 Fonseca

Posted: 20:56 Sat 02 Jul 2016
by AHB
One of the 36 bottles sourced from the pipe sold at Bonhams in February 2016, which had been bottled and stored under identical conditions. 6 bottles with the same fill (top shoulder) were opened and tasted together to investigate the extent of bottle variation in mature port.

Bottle 4: Similar in appearance to bottle 1. Sweet on the nose, initially revealing delicately scented pink marshmallows. With time in the glass this evolved into an attractive nose full of red cherries. Lovely on the palate with the first impression being of the red cherry fruit, intense and concentrated but with a green apple sourness to the core that perfectly complimented the sweetness of cherries to give a great palate. The acidity keeps the whole fresh and provides a lively aftertaste and a delicious finish. The best of the bottles on show. 92/100. 15-Jun-16. Decanted 3½ hours.