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1963 Dow

Posted: 09:06 Mon 02 Jan 2017
by AHB
Brick red and fully mature in appearance; 50% opaque. A shade harsh on the nose with sour redcurrant and rose hips showing strongly; a strong bouquet. Balanced entry with red licorice and candy floss at first, later replaced by an intense, acidity backed burnt sugar and rhubarb core. The aftertaste is dominated by the burnt sugar, but is big and long lasting, giving a chewiness to the edge. Served blind, this was guessed to be Dow Bomfim 1965.

Interestingly we learned that 1963 was the last year in which most ports were produced by blending port wines bought from grape farmers. This was the start of the depopulation of the Douro valley and in 1964 Dow started to purchase grapes from farmers rather than wines. 88/100. Drunk 25-Sep-16.