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NV 5G Old Tawny

Posted: 20:20 Mon 02 Jan 2017
by AHB
3 casks of old port were in storage at Quinta do Manoella, one of the quintas owned by the family of Jorge Borges (co-owner of Wine & Soul along with Sandra Tavares). The exact age of the wine is not known but is believed to be from the period 1880-1900. The casks were refreshed up to the 1970s. 1,000 bottles were filled in 2013 of which 600 have been sold.

Deep brown in colour, the colour of dark olive wood but with a green rim. Wonderful on the nose with a richness and depth that was so rewarding to smell, full of molasses and almond paste offset with a lovely mandarin juice. Sweet brown sugar dominates the entry, nutty and contemplative. A lovely freshness comes over the burnt sugar with lime and orange refreshing the palate. This has terrific balance and cleanliness and is a real pleasure on the palate. The aftertaste has good balance, starts with brown sugar and sugar cane but quickly brings in tones of pineapple on the finish. A wonderfully elegant wine. 93/100. Drunk 27-Sep-16.