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1908 Cockburn

Posted: 20:57 Mon 02 Jan 2017
by AHB
Pale rose pink in colour, 20% opaque. Very lively and spicy nose, delicious and full of elegant rose hip. A touch dry initially but then an explosion of flavour comes through on the mid-palate - and just keeps growing until the late palate is really firing on all four cylinders. There is a delicious complexity and multiple layers of flavour to the palate. The aftertaste is big, with a huge red jelly and chilli pepper finish. Superb port. 99/100. Drunk 27-Sep-16. Decanted 4 hours.

Re: 1908 Cockburn

Posted: 00:57 Wed 04 Jan 2017
by LGTrotter
*label bias klaxon*

Are you sure this is 99 points? Is it possible that you have upped your score a teeny bit on account of your amazement at finding a delicious old port with none of the usual limitations of decrepitude? Or perhaps the setting and guests may have influenced you?

I have considered these possibilities and dismissed them, the rigour of the tasting note would have banished any such inconsistency from the final score.

Re: 1908 Cockburn

Posted: 05:03 Wed 04 Jan 2017
by Andy Velebil
No, this was an amazing bottle for sure.

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Re: 1908 Cockburn

Posted: 00:32 Sun 08 Jan 2017
by AHB
This is one of the bottles that JDAW dreamt about, as you will read once my life slows down a little. While I freely confess that the setting and company might have influenced me since I am merely human, it was an amazing bottle of port to drink and I'm privileged that I was able to do so.

If you don't believe me, put the Cockburn 1908 on your bucket list and make sure that I'm with you when your dream comes true. Please?