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1972 Graham Single Tawny

Posted: 22:21 Tue 03 Jan 2017
by AHB
Bottled 2015. This tasting note was of bottle 14 from cask 2; bottle 15 from cask 2 was also drunk at the same dinner. Deep brown colour, the colour of polished olive wood found in a spanish flea market; 50% opaque. Powerful pistachio past on the nose, very elevated. Intense and concentrated on the tongue with focused acidity supporting the rainbow of citrus fruit and citrus zest. An amazing palate that is huge and flavoursome. An intense aftertaste and finish with a great length showing just a hint of dry tobacco at the very end of the everlasting finish. This is fabulous port. 95/100. Drunk 15-Nov-16. Decanted 3 hours.