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1955 Cockburn

Posted: 22:34 Sun 11 Jun 2017
by jdaw1
A multi-theme at The B&F on Wednesday 24th May 2017.
• Anything But Vintage IV (III, II, I).
• Blind.
• Optionally ‘For’ Somebody: some bottles were specified as being ‘For’ somebody, that somebody being expected to guess why.


Re: 1955 Cockburn

Posted: 22:23 Sun 22 Oct 2017
by AHB
A half bottle. Oxidised nose, smelling strongly of rosemary and antiseptic. The antiseptic shows strongly on the palate. Although the palate does have a nice texture the flavours emphasise the oxidised state of this half bottle. Long, dry finish. Not Rated. Drunk 24-May-17. Double decanted for 12 hours.