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1989 Quinta do Vesuvio

Posted: 17:49 Fri 08 Sep 2017
by AHB
Drunk at the SQVP Night Tasting.

Bottle 8972 bought from Lisbon duty free shop in April 1997.

Modest and pale red colour, very light with an estimated opacity of around 20%. Smelly nose with a touch of bottle stink or perhaps fading bake. Whatever the cause, the wine smells a little medicinal. Nice texture on entry, very baked but the bake is fading a little and comes over as caramelised red fruit and burnt sugar. There is a huge finish, full of baked and caramelised fruit with the burnt fruit lingering a long time. Interesting, not necessarily enjoyable. 85/100. Drunk 07-Sep-17. Decanted 6 hours.