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1927 Croft

Posted: 20:59 Wed 04 Oct 2017
by AHB
A mid-shoulder bottle with the cork showing signs of weevil damage. Orange sienna colour, 40% opaque. Strongly oxidised on the nose showing lots of antiseptic and rosemary. Neutral entry showing no fruit, but a touch of jelly but so oxidised that it tasted like a quinado. So dry on the palate with no fruit, just pine sawdust and quinine. The dry quinine flavour cust through the aftertaste and dominates the long, bitter quinine finish. Not a good bottle at all. There was some discussion as to whether the flavour was as a result of exposure to air or was a taint due to the weevil infestation. NR. Decanted 3½ hours. Drunk 28 September 2017.

Re: 1927 Croft

Posted: 11:42 Mon 23 Oct 2017
by flash_uk
30% opacity, mature red, amber rim. Smokey bacon nose! Weevils have been at this one apparently.

Re: 1927 Croft

Posted: 15:52 Tue 13 Aug 2019
by jdaw1
Cr27. Red, 40% opaque. Deeply dry; lots of meat.