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1963 Pinto dos Santos

Posted: 22:12 Sun 29 Oct 2017
by AHB
Opened for dinner at O Paparico by Roy Hersh in celebration of his birthday where we consumed S55. S57, S66, S67 and Pinto dos Santos 1963. The darkest of the Sandeman ports was the 1967, followed by the 1957, the 1955 and the 1966. The Pinto dos Santos 1963 was about the same colour as the Sandeman 1957 and was Roy's contribution to the evening's port since he knew that I had only tasted this port from my birth-year once before and that had been a corked bottle.

Deep burnished red, 40% opaque. Modest and restrained nose showing powdered icing sugar and a little orange flower. Sweet maraschino cherry on the entry with a lively acidity to give a refined balance. The fruit grows on the palate and is elegant and ripe. The palate develops well, remaining in balance and revealing sweet orange later on. The icing sugar and orange flowers come back on the aftertaste and echo around the long and sweet finish. A lovely port, elegant and flavoursome. A joy to be able to try this port again from an untainted bottle. Thank you Roy! 91/100. 20-Jun-17. Decanted 2½ hours.