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1992 Maynard LBV

Posted: 23:14 Sun 24 Dec 2017
by AHB
From Barao Vilar. Relatively recently recorked, from the penetration of the wine into the cork this was estimated to be 5-10 years prior to opening. No note on the label of either bottling date or whether the wine was filtered before bottling. The bottle had a little solid sediment fixed to the sides and some fine sediment showing in the filter.

Rish, deep red in colour, little bricking and still 90% opaque. Some sweet bramble fruit on the nose, but with a slight touch of sous bois. Nicely textured entry, with plenty of the bramble fruit which is ripe but not overly sweet. Some harsh but integrated tannins show on the mid-palate before the acidity becomes clear. The whole experience melds together nicely to deliver a medium weight, sour fruited palate. The aftertaste is fragrant and full of fruit, with the acidity dominating and being the crux around which the other flavour compornents are supported. Long finish of cranberry and brown sugar. £20 at Aldi for a 25 year old LBV of this quality seems very good value for money. More time in the decanter might improve this port... 86/100. Drunk 23-Dec-17. Pop 'n' pour.