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1966 Fonseca

Posted: 23:04 Mon 12 Feb 2018
by jdaw1
To mark the occasion of Mr Wolfgang Starz having become British, some of his new compatriots gathered at The Boot & Flogger to drink Port Fit for a New Subject of Her Majesty.


Re: 1966 Fonseca

Posted: 13:47 Sat 17 Feb 2018
by jdaw1
F66 (decant time not recorded by me). Dark red, 80% opaque. Lordy, it’s 51⅓ years since the harvest, and look at that colour! Palate of plums, heat, and good sweetness. A touch hollow mid-palate, which for me had it behind the T66, but another excellent Port.

Re: 1966 Fonseca

Posted: 10:46 Sun 18 Feb 2018
by WS1
The decant time was 4:30 AM after being opened the night before at 9:30PM. On your observation "a touch hollow mid-palate" I could agree with but I consider this rather a strength given it is still a port which is far to young. If I had not opened it so early you would have tasted rough edges you can find in a nineties port. Sadly the F66 is scarcer than F63 which will make it very expensive going fwd.
Taste wise I like most the super attractive umami sweet cherry flavor. I did not notice so much plums since fruit profile rather red fruits for me. Excellent structure, complexity and balance in the presence of a long finish. The bt was a high fill bt and the cork came out in one piece which indicates excellent cellaring after 51 years. All in all sadly a "a bit closed up" excellent port with a long life ahead that already tastes fantastic.