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1963 Cockburn

Posted: 20:52 Mon 09 Apr 2018
by jdaw1
In a bottle of Fonseca 1963 was a question rather than a certain answer:
jdaw1 wrote:
13:45 Sat 17 Feb 2018
Are the 1963s coming into their second wind?
Recognising that this scientific question needed scientific experiment, a round dozen of us gathered to test some 1963s.


Re: 1963 Cockburn

Posted: 10:01 Thu 12 Apr 2018
by PhilW
ok, but slightly flat compared to previously, whether due to bottle variation or age.
Rating: vg-

Re: 1963 Cockburn

Posted: 11:00 Fri 13 Apr 2018
by flash_uk
40% opacity, red, orange rim. Tobacco on the nose. Rich full mouthfeel, nice balance, a few mild tannins mid to late palate, long aftertaste. Mature fruits, dry finish. Got an honourable mention from me.

Re: 1963 Cockburn

Posted: 18:11 Sun 30 Dec 2018
by jdaw1
Ck63: red-brown, 35% opaque. Heat, grit and roughness, in a mature Port showing well.