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1815 Ferreira

Posted: 12:24 Wed 11 Jul 2018
by flash_uk
Date: Tuesday 3rd July
Location: B&F (Red Room), 10-20 Redcross Way, London SE1 1TA
Theme: Bring a bottle to share (sighted)
Start: from 6.30pm


Re: 1815 Ferreira

Posted: 11:18 Thu 12 Jul 2018
by DaveRL
What an amazing bottle to try. Thank you very much CMAG. Somewhat musty fruit cocktail to smell. To taste, musty, with orange, bruised apple, and strong underlying grapefruit. Dry. Complex. Echoes of sherry. Very long grapefruit finish. I took a little home and and am sipping it watching a program on Napoleon, which seems appropriate. Thank you, very interesting, bringing history to life.

Re: 1815 Ferreira

Posted: 13:19 Tue 24 Jul 2018
by flash_uk
80% opacity, dusty mud brown, cloudy, yellow rim. Nose sharp and lively, grapefruit. Fresh citric entry, grapefruit again.

Huge thanks to Christopher for sharing this legendary port. I doubt I will ever have a chance to taste anything older than this!