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1992 Smith Woodhouse

Posted: 23:38 Fri 03 Jan 2020
by djewesbury
Exciting, for being the first port I’ve had for too long and almost the first wine I’ve been able to smell after a long dreary head-cold. There is no sinutab in Sweden. And also for being the first record of this port ever having been tasted on TPF.

Very nice nose. Kirsch cherries, warm, a little marzipan or toasted almonds, well integrated alcohol, soft and rich, but not too roughly fruity: it’s developed nicely. Perhaps some cedar and cigar box, or liquorice, rounding it out. Really satisfying.

Body still quite fruit-forward but soft, and a little jellyish. The fruit quite pleasant, not too blocky (though a little), nicely dry, with light sour cherry bitterness... alcohol fairly well integrated, but a little detachment of fruit and spirit nonetheless. No long aftertaste, little in the way of tannin; perhaps less in the mouth than the nose. A good unfiltered LBV of the same age could give it a run for its money - it’s probably at its best right now. But a very good, velvety mouthful, quite unexpectedly served by the glass at Bar La Lune, an excellent wine bar in Gothenburg which favours Jura wines. 135kr a glass. The bottle was open perhaps 6 days (opened between Christmas and new year, but they were only open on Saturday I think) but kept in their wine-fridge. I didn’t expect much when offered it but was very pleasantly surprised.

This was first tasted after a traditional Valdobbiadene Prosecco, a vin jaune and a ‘Maximus’ from the Aveyron (I think a blend of Fer Servadou and Syrah). We then went elsewhere for dinner (roast pork and kale, thank you for asking) but I promised to return for a glass of the SW and made good on this.
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