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NV Crofts Pink Liquid

Posted: 21:38 Sun 16 Mar 2008
by Axel P
Without doubt the colour would be loved by my 5 year old daughter. There is even some glitter to be found on the label.

To me the strategy of this product is fairly clear. Mr. Broadbent hasn't been invited for the initial product presentation, nor were Spence, Mayson or anyone else on the guest list who ever drunk real ports.

The MBA in me however tells me that there is a market out there for this. In Germany we have lots of trouble in getting the young away from the alcopops - so why not trying to get them to Port.

The colour really is PINK. To be consumed chilled, the nose fortunately does not offer a lot. But the mouth does: sweet, clammy with a strong medicinal note from cough syrup. As Derek already mentioned I can confirm it stays unpleasantly long in the mouth.

If this is the first Port you ever drink - hopefully someone offers you some real Port afterwards.