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1980 Ferreira

Posted: 10:28 Tue 20 May 2008
by DRT

1980 Ferreira

Posted: 10:18 Fri 23 May 2008
by jdaw1
Decanter #14: Ferreira. Mid-red, and quite translucent. Nosing of lovely red fruit, and yellow melon. But this transformed in the mouth to cherry, though, unusually, cherry without candy. THRA thought that it “lacks substance”. The melon led me to guessing Nacional: but actually Ferreira! Topsy-turvy rankings. 

Posted: 22:35 Thu 29 May 2008
by DRT
[url=][b]Here[/b][/url] AHB wrote:
Ferreira 1980
Good healthy red colour with an orange rim and transparent centre. Woody nose, of fresh sawdust, mixed with delicate rose-hips. Good density in the mouth with lovely elegance but a little hollow in the middle. Wonderful aftertaste with excellent variations and phases during the long length. Very enjoyable and drinking at its peak today. 90/100.

Posted: 12:15 Tue 03 Jun 2008
by uncle tom
My note:

A little pale and lacking in substance, but this was nevertheless a good quaff, ranking sixh in my personal order of preference.

In my line-up of guesses, I knew that a Taylor would be somewhere on the table, but was struggling to work out which it was. In the event I guessed Taylor for Ferreira - and vice versa.