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1994 Martinez Vintage Port

Posted: 19:39 Fri 20 Jun 2008
by RonnieRoots
A full tasting note will follow tomorrow, but for now it suffice to say that it's a very enjoyable port. This bottle is much more reluctant to open itself than previous examples, but it is finally beginning to open (after 10 hours of decanting).

More anon!

Posted: 06:22 Sat 21 Jun 2008
by RonnieRoots
As promised, more detailed notes.

Cork came out nicely and everything looks good. Seems like this botttle has survived the hardship of traveling to Oman well. A small sip to get an indication of the state of the bottle. Very supple and soft, with cherry and plums. Soft tannins. Lovely, good promise.

Dark rusty red colour. Not extremely concentrated, very much like the other bottles already opened. Hardly anything on the nose, very much closed. Maybe some dried fruit and spices, but that's all. On the palate: medium bodied, spicy and tannic. Again closed. Hardly any fruit showing at the moment, apart from some red- and blackcurrant. Definitely in need of more time in the decanter.

This is finally beginning to open up. Nose is still restrained, but the fruit on the palate is definitely emerging. Rich plums and cherries, with bay leaf and liquorice on the background. Spicy, and slightly hot finish. The port has gained in body, now nudging towards full bodied.

I guess that it would have gotten better with even more time in the decanter, but we finished it all.... Next time!

92+ points.

Posted: 09:08 Sat 21 Jun 2008
by Michael M.
Thanks for the great note and the good news.


Posted: 09:25 Sat 21 Jun 2008
by RonnieRoots
Give your bottles more time in the cellar. It will be rewarded. :)