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1977 Delaforce Vintage Port

Posted: 23:59 Fri 04 Jul 2008
by RonnieRoots
Tasted at the July 2 1977 horizontal.

Somewhat dark core, but overal light in colour, turning to brown. A lovely fresh and perfumed nose, that also shows cocoa and coffee. A delicate taste, precious and young, with a lovely balance. Dark fruit, and chocolate are prominent, but it’s elegantly layered and rather complex. I like this a lot. My guess: Warre. 93 points.

Posted: 22:22 Mon 28 Jul 2008
by AHB
Pale, light and clear. Not much colour and what there is, is the colour of burnt sugar. Lovely orange and floral notes on the nose. Quite a dense texture, with lots of the floral flavours promised by the nose and a lovely bite of cranberries in the mid-palate. A very acidic structure with the tannins only just still peeping through. Elegant but a little simple in the middle. A very pleasant aftertaste that lasts of reasonable length. Out of the four remaining wines, I guessed that this was the Warre. 89/100.

Re: 1977 Delaforce Vintage Port

Posted: 07:36 Mon 27 Oct 2008
by RonnieRoots
To make searching easier, I've copy/pasted LadyR's tasting notes of this port, as originally posted here:
Delaforce ‘77
Dark brown-red and much more youthful than former ports. Powerful smell of coffee and cacao with dark cherries. Bith harsh in taste, balanced structure of dark sweet fruit and creamy chocolate with firm tannins. Bit hot on finish, but deliciously ‘young’ port. Can age some more.
92 pts