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1997 Berry Brothers

Posted: 00:45 Sun 06 Jul 2008
by AHB
Shipped by Warre. Deep, strong and intense plum red with an opaque centre. Slightly cloudy due to the fact that it has been in hand luggage. Not decanted but opened 24 hours ago. Fabulous nose that can be picked up from the other side of the room. Smells reminiscent of blueberries, loganberries and over-ripe raspberries. A hint of alcohol behind the fruit. Smooth into the mouth and as much delivered as promised by the nose. Strong acidity balanced by the fruit, which is sweet but not over-ripe. Lots of plums and blackcurrants. Not complex but lots of up-front fruit. Tannins come through after a lot of air contact but are supple and hidden by the fruit. Very well balanced. Length a little short, but what there is is very pleasant.
How will this develop with age? - I have no idea at all, but its great to drink now and I can thoroughly recommend it. 91/100. Drunk 11 Nov 2005.

Posted: 07:14 Sun 06 Jul 2008
by benread
I read this with interest as I purchased 2 bottles of this about 3 years ago from BBR. I originally had it marked down to leave for a few years yet but you may just have written the death warrant for at least one of them! Will be interesting to see how another 2.5 years has affected it.

Assume you are catching up on old TN's?