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1912 Croft

Posted: 00:53 Sun 06 Jul 2008
by AHB
35 minutes after decanting this port had an orange centre with the colour holding into the rim. Darker than both the 1896 and the 1917 alongside it. Closed on the nose compared to the 1896 but those distinctive mandarins again came through over the top of burnt toffee and mint. Neutral entry, slightly dry with an odd bitterness of grapefruit but also some woody sweetness underneath. Bitter birch-sap initially on the aftertaste but this mellows to leave a lingering cranberry. 3/2 or 85/100. Fading.

6½ hours after decanting this had lost much of its impact on the nose and was now highly acidic in the mouth. However, the acidity had better balance with the sweetness that had developed and the Dundee Marmalade aftertaste was much more enjoyable than before. 88/100. Drunk 9 February 2008.

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Croft 1912

Posted: 23:37 Fri 18 Jul 2008
by jdaw1
Croft 1912: golden clarity. Nose very different to the 1896: chocolate orange! RS: “vermouth†. Later the nose acquired menthol. Great sticky mouthfeel, with a slightly hot aftertaste fading to excellent marmalade. Very long. Later: pepper and spice. 7/6.