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1970 Burmester Colheita

Posted: 20:29 Sat 19 Jul 2008
by benread
This was part of a mixed lot I happened upon and is my first ever Colheita. Opened as a my contribution to a virtual head wetting for my son, born today.

I understand Colheita's should say when they are bottled. The labels give no indication but are in reasonable condition, suggesting last 10 years.

It is a wonderful tawny brown colour and very smooth to taste. My immediate reaction is that I must drink more Colheita!

It was suggested that Colheita should be nutty. I also sense caramel.

It did have a significant, but fine, sediment. Is this normal for Colheita?

I will not attempt a score having never drunk this type of port before. I will be drinking it again, so wonder what kind of benchmark this is?