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1978 Ferreira

Posted: 18:42 Sun 19 Oct 2008
by jdaw1

Re: 1978 Ferreira

Posted: 18:56 Sun 19 Oct 2008
by jdaw1

Re: 1978 Ferreira

Posted: 19:25 Sun 19 Oct 2008
by jdaw1
1978 Ferreira: bright red to behold. Nose even fainter than that of the ’77. Lovely mouthfeel, unctuous at the start, with much more fruit than the ’77. But the taste fainter, at its strongest late into the aftertaste. Good length.

My first sampling found no bitterness. But late-arriving AJRH, who sampled things in a different order, did detect some bitterness. Later I could too, it coming and going at different times.

Like the ’77, a very feminine style.

Re: 1978 Ferreira

Posted: 03:41 Thu 23 Oct 2008
by g-man
Nose of a greenish tinge and hair spray that eric pointed out. was like a fruity red berry hair spray.

med-full mouth feel, sweet molasses on the tongue followed by a sweet milky coffee finish of 30 seconds.

86, for the taste.