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1996 Graham Malvedos

Posted: 00:28 Thu 18 Dec 2008
by DRT
1996 Graham Malvedos - half bottle
Purchased earlier this year by AHB from Sainsbury and opened this evening because I have no will-power and cannot wait until tomorrow's Christmas Off-line before tasting some port :roll: .

On Decanting
The cork disintegrated into thousands of crumbs. Some very fine sediment was trapped by the filter. A deep ruby red in the decanter but surprisingly light in the glass. Huge molases nose with a touch of spirit and perhaps a little VA. Nice thick texture. Red fruits and lots of tannin. Bitter finish. More later.

Re: 1996 Graham's Malvedos - half bottle

Posted: 02:00 Thu 18 Dec 2008
by DRT
+2 Hours
First glass. The VA is now more prominent. I'll put this away in the fridge and re-visit at the weekend.