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NV Croft Platinum Reserve Port

Posted: 23:10 Tue 26 Jun 2007
by KillerB
Made a penne bolognese tonight and needed a port to reduce in it. Not having a bottle of 1966 Fonseca VP available I went for the equivalent of Noval Nacional 63 instead.

A sort of dark raspberry juice colour and quite thin. Nose is sharp with alcohol. A little thicker in the mouth, there is the typical Croft sweet with a dry finish but little fruit, tannin or acidity. It's basically an acceptable ruby.

Bolgnese was good.

Re: NV Croft Platinum Reserve Port

Posted: 23:13 Tue 26 Jun 2007
by DRT
KillerB wrote:Bolgnese was good.
NN63 Bolognese is unbelievably good - you should try it sometime

Posted: 23:17 Tue 26 Jun 2007
by RonnieRoots
I did use a bottle of Sandeman 1966 for cooking at a certain period. Don't ask any further, it's too painful.

Posted: 23:46 Tue 26 Jun 2007
by KillerB
This maybe equivalent to the Fonseca 66 story so you are going to have to expand as Al-B did.

I had the Sandeman 66 at the original Crusting Pipe off-line and took the remainder home. It was much better when it wasn't being bludgeoned by Taylor, Graham and Fonseca.

Posted: 23:48 Tue 26 Jun 2007
by DRT
Sorry to go back on topic (the Croft 66 deserves its (it's or its') own thread - I have had the Platinum reserve a number of times and found it best chilled as it takes some of the rough edges off

Posted: 23:50 Tue 26 Jun 2007
by KillerB
I agree with that, it's an OK Ruby but has no finesse at all. Chilling it makes a cold, sweet thing with a dry finish. I genuinely prefer the Warre's Heritage which is really quite drinkable.

Posted: 23:51 Tue 26 Jun 2007
by DRT