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1970 Taylor

Posted: 23:46 Mon 26 Jan 2009
by jdaw1
Part of The 1970 Horizontal (the definite article being most appropriate all hail organiser Axel P), in The RAF Club, 128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY, on Friday 30th January 2009.


Re: 1970 Taylor

Posted: 23:42 Sun 01 Feb 2009
by DRT
My notes from this session were lost. This was not as good a bottle as the others I have had in recent memory but was by no means dead. I think at least one person named it as wine of the night. I remember that it improved as the night went on so perhaps could have done with more time in the decanter.

Re: 1970 Taylor

Posted: 17:28 Wed 04 Feb 2009
by jdaw1
1970 Taylor: Rough oh dear. Still Taylor, with characteristic heat. Later the roughness had softened considerably.