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1999 Hutcheson LBV

Posted: 12:19 Sun 22 Feb 2009
by morteno
Okay, this one is too old for me, or even too young if you want a mature LBV. Most of the fruit has dissapeared and I like my red port young, strong and full of fruit! Even though the colour has fainted a bit it's still primarily red. The alcohol is showing too much, even after being open for some time. I think the rest will find its way into some sauce or the like. It's not that it's all bad, it's just not that interesting to me at least.

One thing about label design: I like that the letters are painted on the bottled (the "good ol' style"), but it hurts my eyes to see that they abbreviate LBV as "L.B.V.". I can't have it, even though it may be a correct way to write the abbreviation. It looks wrong; clumsy.

It's not a port that I want more and more of. And as I'm cutting down on my port intake, this one simply isn't good enough if this is taken up my port intake for a few weeks. (Yes, I can keep Colheitas, Tawnies and LBV's for that long in the fridge without drinking them. Most of them stay good, a few can't stand the long airing time (2004 Quinta do Pego LBV to name one).). In the sauce with this one and on to the next! :D