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1970 Cockburn

Posted: 02:57 Wed 27 Jun 2007
by jdaw1
Friday 16th March 2007: chez mon père, a sesquivertical of Cockburn and Taylor (paperwork). Present: JDAW MAW RAW WDBP RKA JFH MF SRG, and sort-of SVW. See review.

A vertical of Cockburn, with some matching Taylor vintages, and some mystery bottles. Having had very little experience of Cockburn, this was educational for me (I do these things for their educational merits, of course not for pleasure). The Cockburn summary: cherries. Black cherries when young; glace cherries when old.

• Cockburn 1970
In January I donated and helped drink six bottles of Cockburn 1970 for the 52nd Annual Dinner of the Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club, so not my first attempt at it. Pale red; little nose (I recall same at the CUTwC dinner); nicely rounded with prunes.