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1977 Warre

Posted: 20:04 Sat 16 May 2009
by uncle tom
Decanted on the evening of the 12th - nice and fruity on decanting, and showing extremely well a few hours later as I poured a nightcap. "Classic Warre" were my thoughts.

The last bottle I opened, some 18 months ago; had really blossomed around the 48hr mark, so at D+24 I settled down for a treat.

Not. It was as though the wine had laid in the decanter for months; it was pale, sharp and dismal in comparison to the night before. It was no better at D+48, but the very last sip at D + 72 seemed better.

Very odd and disappointing - a poor bottle? Possibly, although the provenance was good.

Hard to score, given the evolution - must re-visit this one..