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1963 Taylor vintage port

Posted: 00:33 Sun 14 Jun 2009
by AHB
Opened as part of the Wokingham offline on 11 June 2009.

Ullaged to very low shoulder. Light red, clear in the centre. A warm nose with a bit of alcohol over violets and milk chocolate. Silky and thick in the mouth; warm and fruity with some lovely orange and kumquat flavours with a delicious sweet strawberry concentrate. A slight burn on the aftertaste but then the finish is full of lovely flavours and a huge, long length. Absolutely delicious. 93/100.

Re: 1963 Taylor vintage port

Posted: 11:34 Sun 14 Jun 2009
by Axel P

from what I read it was good fun and I will definitely try to participate next time again.