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1924 Taylor

Posted: 13:52 Fri 10 Jul 2009
by g-man
At julian's random farewell get together.

T+0 is when this port was the best.

Baked spices, light mint, glycerol, brown sugar and honey creme brulee on the nose.
Smooth, medium body but coating of allspice, raisins and a tart twinge of acidity.

T+1 at the restaurant.
The nose has some spirit showing through but still a similar profile.
The body has faded becoming lithe and graceful. As Julian brought up that this is very acidic, it definitely is more apparent.
It reminded me of cooked raisins on the body.
Finishes with a sweet black tea.

Re: 1924 Taylor

Posted: 23:46 Sun 30 Dec 2012
by jdaw1