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1985 Graham's Vintage Port

Posted: 23:45 Wed 12 Sep 2007
by uncle tom
Split from a TN thread of a different bottle of the same wine by DRT on 20 Jul 09

First bottle from a case - this bottle chosen for showing signs of seepage (the only one)

Decanted 8pm, with superb bouquet as I did so.

First sip:

Lacking integration, but immediately approachable - I know it will get better, but it could be tackled immediately. Smacks of class.

+ 3 hours:

Better integration now, but lack of maturity apparent. Very Graham..

More anon..


Posted: 17:20 Thu 13 Sep 2007
by uncle tom
24 hours on and this is showing a little more fire - which I didn't expect

But this is a full, good, longhaul wine - the biggest demerit is that it isn't fully mature yet..

To score:

For immediate gratification this just about makes the top quartile - so an 8

Where's it going? - forward, but possibly not all the way..

Score 8-9


Posted: 17:26 Fri 14 Sep 2007
by uncle tom
Yesterday I was a little concerned that I might have got the decanting time completely wrong for this wine, as it seemed to have more fire after 24hrs.

Now at 48hrs the fire is gone and the integration is even better, softening its rawness of youth.

- Great juice! :D