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NV Dow's 10yo Tawny

Posted: 22:32 Sun 01 Jul 2007
by KillerB
Just little toast for my Gandmother's 102nd birthday - if she were still alive.

Nice dark tawny colour with nice legs and an orange rim. Dry, alcoholic nose but not severe. In the mouth it's warm and rich with coffee, caramel and orange with an orange peel finish. Nice.

I really should have bought loads of this at £5 per bottle.

Posted: 22:39 Mon 02 Jul 2007
by Conky

Is that a description of the Port or your lovely Gran? If I presume the Orange Rim is refering to a bit of false tan, I feel as though I know her. Good legs, likes Coffee, warm and rich... :D :D :D


Posted: 07:12 Tue 03 Jul 2007
by Todd P

I brought home a single litre bottle of this from the Heathrow Duty-Free shop when returning home from Austria in March. It is my only memory of England, aside from the assinine bus rides between terminals, and perhaps the lovely blond that seemed pleased to let me sample every single Scotch and Whiskey that my heart desired from the shop (except the Johnnie Walker Blue... I ALMOST had her opening one, but needed another half hour to finish buttering her up!) ;)

I look forward to trying this 10 YOT as I have not been able to find it around Edmonton as of yet.

Unfortunately, it was more than £5. :?


Posted: 10:01 Tue 03 Jul 2007
by KillerB
I did actually buy six at £5 each but really should have cleared the shelves several times over. I was looking for the Warre's LBV and was disapppointed with my cache. I really should have got over it and looked at this bargain instead.

Posted: 10:56 Tue 03 Jul 2007
by RonnieRoots
That's a pretty bargain! I always like the Dow's 10YOT, and for this price it's even better!

Posted: 23:35 Wed 04 Jul 2007
by KillerB
Still nice three days later. Something you have to admire about tawny is that it can be abused much more than most other ports, or even wines.

Posted: 23:37 Wed 04 Jul 2007
by DRT
An interesting point and I have often wondered I will post a new thread in the main forum 88)

Posted: 22:14 Fri 11 Jan 2008
by KillerB
Opened another one up before New Year and it has been hanging around a bit. Had a couple of glasses of it last night and the above tasting note still stands except for the addition of almonds on the finish.

I really should have got dozens at that price.