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2007 Warre VP

Posted: 11:17 Sun 04 Oct 2009
by JacobH
Drunk at the RAF Club, London, on the 2nd October 2009 as part of a vertical of a Warre VP vertical.

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Re: 2007 Warre VP

Posted: 11:29 Sun 04 Oct 2009
by JacobH
This was one of the lightest ’07s I’ve drunk so far. I didn’t notice much in the way of tannins nor a great deal of acidity, which I think is being suggested as another way in which this Vintage will survive in the longer term. Slightly floral on the nose, in a rather uncomplex way, this wine didn’t grab me. But then I don’t really know anything about very young vintage port nor how it will mature...

Re: 2007 Warre VP

Posted: 15:26 Wed 14 Apr 2010
by jdaw1
There was something wrong with this tasting. Most of the vintages had a dry sourness not usually seen in Warre. I suspect dirty decanters, though other causes are possible. Hence these TNs should not be interpreted as typical of the performance of Warre.

W07: really surprisingly red. Quite light. Long grass? Flowers, red berries. Very fresh.