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1985 Ramos-Pinto

Posted: 11:51 Sun 29 Nov 2009
by jdaw1
[url=]Here[/url] jdaw1 wrote:Question needing an answer by Saturday. For nine adults at a slightly belated Thanksgiving lunch to be held on Sunday (Brit, Paris, not the official day of Thanksgiving: I am not interested in hearing it) I will be serving three bottles of reasonable fake champagne, several bottles of an acceptable Bordeaux, and then three bottles of 1985 port.
Resulting in:

Re: 1985 Ramos-Pinto

Posted: 12:06 Sun 29 Nov 2009
by jdaw1
Ramos-Pinto 1985, at D+0. Youthful dark, hint of purple, quite opaque. Slightly more translucent F85, but, visually, could pass for it. Nosing of a full plummy fruit. Like taste, though with and for my preferences marred by a slightly grittiness of texture. Mid-weight; mid-length.

SCP-DFF nosed ‟succulent raspberry smell” (which I didn’t get), and ‟almost smokey” (which I think is almost right). Our daughter (aged 3) nosed ‟grapes”, which was definitely correct.

Re: 1985 Ramos-Pinto

Posted: 20:15 Sun 29 Nov 2009
by jdaw1
RP85, from D+4hr to D+8hr. Great mid-weight texture, oily and unctuous. Some heat early palate; good acidity. Plum fruit, mid sweetness. More heat, more overtly alcoholic, than the Churchill. Far far better than RO85; unanimously worse that the Ch85, though by a far small margin.

Sabrina: cherries.
Suzy: raw cocoa aftertaste.
Christophe: ‟very peppery and dry wood”.