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1985 Messias colheita

Posted: 14:10 Tue 02 Feb 2010
by AHB
Bought by the glass from Gordon's wine bar in Charing Cross. A very pale orange in the candlelight on the table; nosing of sweet floral perfume over golden syrup. Sweet and sugary in the mouth, full of golden sultanas and violet perfume. Delicious mid-palate development with surprising complexity. A delightful aftertaste, full of sweet violet flavours and a long brown sugar finish. A very pleasant wine, elegant and flavoursome. An enjoyable wine. 86/100. Drunk 1 Feb 2010.

Re: 1985 Messias colheita

Posted: 16:54 Wed 03 Feb 2010
by angeleyes
Had this too a while ago, and agree with your description. They also have Messias 1989 VP on their menu too (which I havent had yet!)