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1985 Calem Vintage Port

Posted: 21:12 Thu 10 Jun 2010
by Axel P
Well the brand Calem continuous to leave great TNs to me. I remember to have had two splendid 70s at the big 70s horizontal last year, an outrageous 35 lately and some very good ports in between as well. Since they are quite cheap to get at auctions...

Anyways the 85 showes off with very dark red colour and a very complex structure. The bouquet offers pretty much everything: complex fruits, spices, coffee, acidity, everything very good arranged. Palate is very strong with a big chocolate bar in the center and lots of fruits (red berries) packed around it. Tannins and acidity are definitely visible, but will settle with another 10 years.

Long aftertaste with a bit too much acidity. However I do believe that this port will integrate nicely and becomes a worthy opponent to the two 70s in another 10 years of time. 17,5