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1962 Graham Malvedos

Posted: 02:23 Sun 21 Mar 2010
by DRT
Tasted as part of a vertical of 24 Graham's and Graham's Malvedos vintages at The RAF Club, Piccadilly, London, on 22nd March 2010.

The links: *Please note that the 2008 Cask Sample was donated to this tasting by the Symington family before the final blend was complete so this may not accurately represent what the 2008 Graham's or Graham's Malvedos will be, should either of these be approved and declared later in 2010.

Re: 1962 Graham's Malvedos

Posted: 23:15 Mon 22 Mar 2010
by jdaw1
Alas I was unable to take a tasting note of this port.

Re: 1962 Graham's Malvedos

Posted: 13:30 Thu 25 Mar 2010
by JacobH
Similar colour to the 1958 but slightly less pinkish on the edge of the meniscus. The oldest wine to show the straight-forward elegance and balance of the older Malvedos.

1962 Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port

Posted: 05:19 Fri 30 Jul 2010
by Andy Velebil
1962 Graham’s Malvedos Vintage Port:
This was the year of the worst flood in the Douro since 1909, with the harvest starting on September 10th. A light brownish tan with a sweet nose. There was still plenty of sweet fruit up front which quickly gave way to lots of tobacco on the mid palate and finish. Some caramel notes showed up on the finish and left me with the impression this bottle is on a slow downhill walk. 89 Points